Restoration Specialists

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You can stop searching. We make sure we’re the best. Everyday. Everyway.

Preventech is the leader in restoration. Preventech technicians receive advanced training, use only scientifically proven techniques and equipment, and always give you and your property the highest level of respect. Preventech is the obvious choice for your restoration needs including water, fire, mold and more. Call for a free consultation now.

Preventech Restoration

Preventech is a family-owned business that was born and built on time-tested principles that were becoming less and less common in the industry. We call these principles our Ironclad Ethics. Simply, Preventech will consistently provide you with the most professional services while keeping you, the customer, as the top priority. For over a decade, we’ve been restoring homes, businesses and lives.

Preventech’s Ironclad Ethics

  • Save our customers money and time
  • Keep our training, equipment and techniques second to no one
  • Honor our customers’ property at all times as if it were our own
  • Provide customers with upfront documentation and explanations of services and fees
  • Maintain a reputation of integrity and honesty

Restoration Specialists

Educated by the leaders who pioneered the restoration industry, Preventech’s IICRC certified technicians use only scientifically proven techniques to quickly and effectively restore your property. Unlike some companies who offer a myriad of services, Preventech specializes in restoration services, allowing our staff to be highly trained and knowledgeable. Preventech’s advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment save our customers time and money.

Premier Customer Service

Preventech’s customer service is unmatched. Reflected by consistent superior testimonials, we respect your property as if it were our own. We give clear explanations of our process and fees, so you can feel at ease. Our extensive follow-up procedures assure you that your property is in prime condition by the end of the project. We guarantee our customers will be nothing less than 100% satisfied.

Insurance Allies

For over a decade, Preventech has worked hand-in-hand with our clients and their insurance company. Coverages and policies can sometimes be confusing, but Preventech can support you through the process to get you the services you need. We will bill your insurance directly and have a Deductible Rebate option. If you are not covered, or do not want to file a claim, contact Preventech for what other options are available.